Jonard KR-260 Extraction Removal Tool Kit

Brand: Jonard Tools
Model Number: KR-260
Package Quantity: 1 Each
Weight: 0.427 LBS

SKU: T260JT Category:


KR-260 Removal Tool Kit Includes:
R-4601 Removal Tool Contact Size 20 (Military Standard: MS24256-R20)
R-4602 Removal Tool Contact Size 16 (Military Standard: MS24256-R16)
R-9461 Removal Tool Contact Size 12 (Military Standard: MS24256-R12)

Function: Extract

Contact Size: 12 (0.093”), 16 (0.063”), 20 (0.040”)

These tool services virtually all connectors conforming to Mil-C-26482, Mil-C-26500 with front release contacts. These tools contain strong, durable, stainless steel probes & color-coded handles. Items sold individually as well in kits. The kits are supplied in a leather Jonard tool case.


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