Richter 395D/5M Diameter Measuring Tape 10MM Wide 5Mtr Length

Brand: Richter Measuring Tools
Model Number: 395D/5M (Stainless Steel Etched)
Wide: 10MM (with Graduation on both sides)
Length: 5Mtr
Weight: 3 Lbs
Country of Origin: Germany

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For the direct reading of diameter from circumference measurements. The diameter is determined in cm and mm or in inches and 10ths of an inch.

Graduation – metric:
Front: mm graduation, each cm, dm and m figured, meter figures repeated before each dm
Back: diameter graduation cm and mm reading each cm figured

Graduation – Englisch:
Front: feet, 10ths, and 100ths of afoot
Back: diameter in inches and tenths of inches, each inch figured

When ordering, please state the required commencement and graduation.

Diameter graduation metric left to right

Diameter graduation metric right to left

Diameter graduation inches


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