3M 5952 VHB Double Sided Tape 1/2″ x 15FT with Box Cutter (1PC) and Razor Replacement (2PCs)

Brand: 3M
Model Number: 5952

Size: 1/2″ x 15FT

Package Dim: 4.9 x 4.8 x 0.6 inches

Weight: 4 oz

Country of Origin: USA

SKU: DST59523M-1 Category:


3M(TM) VHB(TM) Heavy Duty Mounting Tape 5952 is black. These double-sided heavy-duty mounting tapes eliminate drilling, grinding, refinishing, screwing, welding and associated clean-up. Dustproof and airproof of the glass curtain wall and assembly. Virtually invisible fastening keeps surfaces smooth. This product includes a full metal one box cutter and two razor replacements.

Fast and easy-to-use permanent bonding method provides high strength and long-term durability in highly demanding applications. Multipurpose double-sided mounting tape with comfortable foam on both sides provides adhesion to a variety of painted surfaces including powder coated paints.

This the right tape for car bodywork. Very strong hold for attaching exterior parts to the car’s paint, such as spoilers, stainless trim, aluminum louvers for rear windows, vent visors, door moldings.

The 3M VHB Acrylic Foam Tape can not only replace Rivets, Spot Welds, Liquid Adhesives, and other permanent fasteners but also provides convenience and simplicity for use many interiors and exterior bonding application.

These adhesive foam tapes are viscoelastic in nature which gives the foam energy absorbing and stress relaxing features. 50% strength of bond in 20 minutes, 90% strength of bond in 24 hours and 100% strength of bond after 72 hours. Creates a permanent seal against water, moisture and more

Application: For building operations such as heat insulation, connection, bundling, amendment, sealing and signs. The processing and assembly of electronic and digital products, home appliances. The adhesion of advertisement board, LED plate, moldings, door edge, bodyside moldings, stainless steel, ABS and PVC rocker panels, wheel lip, nameplate, and decoration bar for automobiles


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