Trimble GS550 Multi-Sensor Display

Brand: Trimble
Model Number: GS550
Package Quantity: 1 Each
Weight: 6 LBS
HS Code: 9031809090

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The GS550 Display offers fully flexible design, with the versatility to monitor a combination of many different types of sensors. It can operate as a basic Wind Speed, A2B or Boom Angle Sensor monitor, or can be utilized as a full rated capacity limiter, monitoring load charts. Users can buy the system as a wind speed indicator today, then, for example, add load cells, load charts, and angle sensors in the future, as needed.

Communication between Trimble’s Lifting Solutions sensors and the GS550 Display is wireless. This innovative technology eliminates cables and installation charges. The GS550 is a “plug and play” product. If there is a sensor failure, the system immediately informs the operator of the location of the issue. Most often the operator can resolve the problem, which eliminates the need to have an on-site technician.

Should you ever need to replace a sensor, the new sensor’s ID will automatically replace the old ID in the display. This only takes a few seconds to complete.

The GS550 Display will trip function lockouts on cranes with installed solenoid valves when limits are exceeded.

Each application has different requirements for system security. The GS550 offers you the ability to easily set password restrictions for all key operating aspects of the system. In addition, the display has a supervisor password level. This extra level of security allows only a supervisor to access restricted areas of the display.

The GS550 Display offers users one of the best sunlight readable displays found in the market today. if you wear polarized lenses, the display readability is unparalleled.

Each GS550 Display ships standard with a built-in data logger that can monitor up to 16,000 events. Data is downloaded with the onboard USB port to a USB drive. You can also utilize the USB port to upload load charts via a USB drive. The display can store over 3,500 pages of load charts.


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