Safe T Air with Natural Tea Tree Oil, 1Kg

Brand: Safe T Air

Packing: 1Kg

Package Quantity: 6 Each / Box


HS Code: 3307.49.0000

Country of Origin: Canada


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The Natural Solution to Indoor Pollution, Seek out and destroys MOLD, MILDEW, BACTERIA, FUNGUS, and ODOURS

Safe T Air is a water-based technology that uses naturally distilled Tea Tree Oil to effectively clean indoor air. Tea Tree Oil is a completely natural product and is nature’s most powerful antiseptic, anti-bacterial, and deodorizer. 

Utilizing the existing airflow, Safe T Air delivers Tea Tree Oil to the indoor environment through evaporation. 

Safe T Air creates a healthier indoor environment by seeking out and reducing the adverse effects of mold, mildew, bacteria, fungus, and odors.  

Simply twist off the lid and place it in the affected area. Replace once the contents have evaporated. Safe T Air is non-hazardous and non-caustic.

How Does Safe T Air Work?

1. Place Safe T Air gel jars in the affected area or as close as possible.

2. Once opened, natural evaporation occurs and immediately works to neutralize and sterilize mold

3. It doesn’t conceal mold; it attacks the mold spores neutralizing the adverse effects

Where is Safe T Air Used?

Air Conditioners, Ducts:

Placed into the HVAC system during routine maintenance, Safe T Air slowly evaporates carrying small amounts of Tea Tree oil helps to control some molds, yeast, and bacteria. Safe T Air reduces visible mold, invisible yeasts or bacteria. It even prevents its regrowth for a period of time after the product has totally evaporated.

Home and Office:

Starts working immediately to improve your home’s air quality by seeking out and destroying mold, mildew, and odors. Use in your basement, bathroom, musty rooms, closets.

Boats and Ships:

Safe T Air is the natural way to help control odors, mold, bacteria and fungus caused by moisture. Place in the affected area and it starts working immediately.

RV’s and Cottage:

Use in your RV or Trailer. The natural Tea Tree oil contained in Safe T Air reduces the adverse effects of mold, bacteria, and fungus.

Who can use Safe T Air?

1. Organizations such as call centers with employees in close proximity; hotels, casinos, cruise ships and convention centers. 

2. Companies use it in helping to reduce employee sick leave; possibly by up to 50%

3. Health clubs to reduce fungus and athletes foot.

4. Long term care facilities to reduce malodours and the spread of disease through HVAC systems

5. Daycare Centers

Safe T Air – MSDS 

Available in 400 Grm, 1Kg, 2Kg, 4Kg

Create a more healthy environment where you live, work and play with Safe T Air 


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