Marathon SE350 AVR, 761594-01 Voltage Regulator

AED 2,500

Brand: Marathon
Model Number: SE350 AVR, 761594-01

Dim: 3.94″ L X 2.66” W X 2.20: H

Weight: 10 oz

Country of Origin: USA

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♦ AVR includes a 4 A, 250 V fuse in the rear face

♦ Generator’s output voltage can be adjusted with a screwdriver via the potentiometer

♦ The remote voltage adjust rheostat can be added by removing a jumper wire

♦ Marathon SE350 can be used for a variety of applications, whether commercial or residential

♦ Ultra-responsive to any fluctuations in loads

The Marathon SE350 controls brushless AC generator output simply by regulating the current into the exciter field. This ensures your electrical equipment stays within the safe voltage range recommended by manufacturers.

When the generator alternator is in motion, it creates a small magnetic field which, in turn, results in residual voltage on the generator’s windings. This is where the SE350 AVR enters the equation, adding further voltage on the generator’s exciter until the desired voltage level is reached.

The Marathon SE350 keeps constant tabs on the output of your AC generator, helping to create a steady voltage once the generator’s temperature, load, power factor, and engine speed are all taken into consideration.

Key specifications:

  • Adjustable frequency compensation
  • 8 watts maximum power dissipation
  • Sensing and power input: 190-240 Vac
  • Remote Voltage Adjustment Range: ± 10% with 2000 ohm rheostat/± 5% with l000 ohm rheostat


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