Kwix Tool KWTS1/8 Hand-Held 1/8″ (4MM) Pipe Straightening Tool

Brand: Kwix Tool
Model Number: KWTS1/8

This tool will straighten: 1/8″ (4MM)

Weight: 1 Lbs

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The tool will straighten: 1/8″ (OD)

The world’s first efficient handheld tube straightening tool.

Accurately straightens light wall tube from a coil.

Copper, aluminium, stainless steel, brass and various other tubes can be accurately straightened prior to installation.

Use you hand to straighten the end of the tube.

Then feed the tube through the tool’s rollers until it appears the other end.

Feed more of the tube through, then work the tool in both directions along the tube until the tube is completely straight.


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