ITT Neo-Dyne 125P1C3-670 Pressure Switch/Tamper Proof, Series 125P

Brand: ITT Neo-Dyne

Model Number: 125P1C3-670

Weight: 1.5 Lbs

HS Code: 8536509040 / Country of Origin: Mexico

SKU: E125PIND Categories: ,


Ordering Sequence – Select Desired Option for each Category

Set Points

125P between 20 psig dec. and 3050 psig inc. (1.4 bar dec. and 210 bar inc.)

Wetted Material

1 : Aluminum port, Teflon coated polyimide diaphragm and Buna-N O-Ring

Electrical Form

C : 11 amp, 1/4 hp at 125 or 250 VAC; 5 amp resistive, 3 amp inductive at 28 VDC;


3 : Meets or exceeds the requirements of NEMA Type 3, 3R, 3S, 4, 4X and 13

A Epoxy paint exterior — extra protection for severe environments
B Viton O-Ring
C EPR O-Ring
D SIL approval and marking, per IEC61508 (includes FMEA report)
M Gold electrical contacts for extremely low current applications
R 72″ Electrical free leads
W Stainless steel screws — exterior
X CSA approved and CE Mark

Special (Consult representative or factory)
• Pressure port per SAE AS4355E04
• Non-catalog set point, deadband and/or proof pressure
• Media temperature capability from -65°F to +350°F

Ordering Procedure

  • Specify set point, increasing or decreasing
  • Specify Deadband if pertinent and if not, specify as open’
  • Specify media
  • Insert available option number or letter as required


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