Hydraulic Cable Cutter HCC390M, Manual Type 6 Tons, 390mm

AED 2,500

Model Number: HCC390M

Tool Dimension (reference only): 390 mm

Weight: 2.8 kg

Country of Origin: Taiwan

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HCC390M (6 Tons) Hydraulic Cable Cutters

Tool Dimension (reference only): 390 mm

♦ Hemp-core wire rope 6×7 Max. O.D. 16mm

♦ Hemp-core wire rope 6×12 Max. O.D. 20mm

♦ Hemp-core wire rope 6×19 Max. O.D. 20mm

♦ Soft copper & aluminum round bar Max. O.D. 20mm

♦ Soft steel round bar (below SS41) Max. O.D. 16mm

♦ Bare copper & aluminum wire strand Max. O.D. 20mm

♦ Armored underground cable Max. O.D. 20mm

♦ Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cable Cutters


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