Grote 64921 Lamp Floodlight with 24V Bulb Par 36 Utility Lights

Brand: Grote
Model Number: 64921

Weight: 1.3 lbs

Hs Code: 85122010

SKU: E921G Category:


Voltage: 24V
Amperage: 1.8A
Light Pattern: Tractor
Mounting Type: Screw
Connection Type: Blunt Cut
VMRS: 034-006-031
Diameter: 0.5″
For versatile application as utility, fifth-wheel, backup, tractor, forklift or off-road vehicle lamp
Adhesive magnet pad to prevent scratching underneath magnet
Shock-absorbing, weatherproof body
Trapezoid, spot, and flood versions
Rugged corrosion- and shock-resistant construction
Housing works great with Trilliant® 36 LED work lamp
Thin-line style fits tight spaces to minimize bumps and knock-off hazards


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