Funke+Huster FHF22492402 Ex-Lamp dSLB20LED 80-265VAC Red Cage

Brand: Funke+Huster
Model Number: FHF22492402
Weight: 5 Lbs, Dimension: 10 x 5 x 6 (inch)
HS Code: 85318070
Country of Origin: Germany

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Ex-Lamp dSLB20LED 80-265VAC red cage Ex-Signalling lamp dSLB20 LED 80-265 VAC with protection cage red

Housing material: Metal

Dimension Height: 243 mm

Dimension Width: 110 mm

Dimension Deep: 110 mm

Weight: 2 kg

Mounting method: Surface mounting

Degree of protection (IP): IP67

Colour of lamp hood: Red

Power: -W

Lamp: LED

Number of modes: 4

Voltage type: AC

For Ex-zone gas: 1, 2

For Ex-Zone dust: 21, 22

Equipment group: II

Category: 2G2D

Type of protection: de

Explosion group: IIC

Ignition temperature: T6

Max. surface temperature (Dust): T80?C

Approvals: ATEX



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