Flexible Hose Float Collar Dia 3″ (75MM) Hi-Viz, Type 2

Model Number: Type 2
Hose Diameter internal: 3” ( 75 mm)
Width: 575 mm, Length: 800 mm
Nett Buoyancy: 14 kgs
Country of Origin: UK

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Designed to improve overall visibility, not only during the daytime activity of transferring products using flexible hoses but also for night operations.
Greater Visibility
The bright yellow PVC material is highly visible and water repellent. To further improve the visibility of the collar, two fluorescent stripes have been sewn securely on the outer surface of the Hi-Viz material, which is advantageous in low light or reduced day conditions and also gives a reflective appearance under artificial light for night operations.

Secure Fixation
To secure the float collar to the hose, several preferred methods can be included.

♦ Two internal straps are sewn on the inner surface of the collar, complete with adjustable plastic buckles, which wrap the outer surface of the hose.

♦ On the outer surface of the collar, longitudinal Velcro strips are placed, along with Velcro strips. or alternative buckle accessories.
Instead of the longitudinal velcro straps, brass eyelets can be included for a method of fixing the tie cord.
Both of the above will fully encapsulate the internal buckles and resist any movement of the collar along with the hose.

♦ The pockets on both ends of the collar, with laces, ensure that there will be no movement once the collar has been placed.


Hose Diameter internal: 3” ( 75 mm)
Width: 575 mm
Length: 800 mm
Nett Buoyancy: 14kgs


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