Alemite 9911-A1 Pneumatic RAM – Portable

AED 4,750

Brand: Alemite

Model Number: 9911-A1

Drum Size: 35 Lb./70 Lb. Bulk, Delivery: 4.5 Lb./minute

Weight: 68 lbs


Pneumatic RAM – Portable

♦ Drum Size: 35 Lb./70 Lb. Bulk

♦ Delivery: 4.5 Lb./minute

♦ Follower: 337665/338802

♦ Cover: 323496-A4

♦ Bare Pump: 9911-R1

♦ Dolly: 393629

Alemite’s Portable RAM Pump provides fast, quiet and efficient operation. Many models come equipped with accessories required for quick, easy installation and set up.


♦ 3” diameter air motor

♦ Meets OSHA noise requirements (85dB)

♦ Flexible follower for straight or tapered containers

♦ 1/4” air inlet

♦ Pump ratio 50:1

♦ Easy serviceability



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