Hydraulics 5TV-C-32BF Poppet Style 2″ Female Coupler British Pipe, 5,000 PSI

Brand: Hydraulics

Part Number: 5TV-C-32BF

Port Size: -32 (2″)

T1: G 2-11 BSPP

A: 6.07 (154.2mm), B: 3.00 (76.2mm), C: 6.75 (171.5mm), D: 3.25 (82.6mm)

Weight: 6.9 kg

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Port Connector: BF – Female British Pipe
Part Number: 5TV-C-32BF

Port Size: -32 (2″)

T1: G 2-11 BSPP

A: 6.07 (154.2 mm), B: 3.00 (76.2 mm), C: 6.75 (171.5 mm), D: 3.25 (82.6 mm)

Max Operating Pressure Coupled: 5,000 psi

Max Operating Pressure Uncoupled: 3,000 psi

Max W.P. Coupled (Metric): 34.5 Mpa

Max W.P. Uncoupled (Metric): 20.7 Mpa

Max Connect Under Pressure: 500 psi / 3.4 Mpa

Min Burst Pressure Coupled/Uncoupled: 20,000 psi / 137.9 Mpa

Vacuum:  29.5 in./Hg, 1.0 bar

Temp Range: -30°F to 250°F / -34°C to 121°C

5TV series coupling for service in extremely rugged constant duty high-horsepower fluid power systems. Today, worldwide, virtually every manufacturing segment finds a use for this dependable coupling in equipment for construction, natural resource gathering, transportation, material handling, and many others. Standard coupling sizes are 3/4″ through 3″ bore size.

5TV series thread to connect coupling presented here consists of two valved halves retained in sealed connection by stub-acme threads. The connection is by winged thread nut rotated manually to overcome valve springs and any fluid pressure behind the valves. Valves are fully open when threads are totally engaged. Valves become full closed before threads become totally disengaged.


Operating Limits:

♦ 5,000 P.S.I. (34.5 Mpa) Some thread port options are de-rated.

♦ Full 4:1 Safety Factor – all sizes

♦ Vacuum to 28″ Hg (1.0 bar)

♦ Temperature range -30°F to +250°F (-34°C to +121°C) – Standard Buna Seals

♦ Protective Treatment – Zinc Plating with Yellow Chromate RoHS Compliant Finish

♦ Sizes – 3/4″ thru 3″


Design Features

♦ Excellent flow characteristics for continuous duty applications.

♦ High strength steel poppet guides prevent break up and washout of coupling valves during high surge and shock conditions

♦ Hammer lug wing nut aides in the assembly of the coupling under pressure

♦ Full assembly can be visually verified at coupler nut inspection hole

♦ Flat crested stub-acme threads and all-steel construction withstand storage and rig-up damage

♦ Protective treatment of zinc plating with yellow chromate RoHS compliant finish

♦ Various port options available, Female NPTF, Female SAE O-Ring Port, Female BSPP


Generally stated, these couplings simplify the rigging of long length, large-bore flex hose assemblies. They are designed to operate in rugged environments under extreme pressures as well as structural and system-induced surges and shock loads. Valve construction permits assembly against pressure created by thermal expansion of fluid in the hose bore and makeup is facilitated by a high strength hammer lug nut.


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