Hawser type Flexible Flotation Collar DIA 5″– 20-22 Single Leg TYPE 4

Model Number: Type 4
Hose Diameter internal: 5” ( 20-22 single leg )
No of Pockets: 5
Width: 750mm, Length: 880mm
Nett Buoyancy: 15 kgs
Country of Origin: UK

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5″ (20-22 Single Leg) TYPE 4 Hawser type Flexible Flotation Collar

Flexible flotation collars of the Hawser type are specifically designed to wrap around a hose or ropes of the flexible type, which provides sufficient buoyancy. The flexible material allows the collar to bend following the natural curve of the hose or rope. The necklace is designed to store in the form of a flat package, ideal where space is minimal.

A double layer of resistant nylon material, “Orange Dayglow”, flexible and resistant, reinforced with double-stitched nylon seams is used for the outer surface of the collar. The specialized internal flotation aid material is encapsulated by using a series of accordion-style pockets with appropriate brass eyelets placed along the outer edges. A lightweight nylon cord fitted through the brass eyelets secures the float collar along with the flexible hose. Flotation collars can remain in the hose or rope and wind up on a reel when not in use. Each collar has internal straps and at each end, and encapsulated pocket, which incorporates a nylon cord. These are used to secure and locate the position of the necklaces.

Hose Diameter internal: 5” (20-22 single leg)
Width: 750mm
Length: 880mm
Nett Buoyancy: 15 kgs


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